45 RPMs: New Order Bizarre Love Triangle

Every time I see you falling
I get down on my knees and pray

promo BLT

U.S. 7″ promo copy of Bizarre Love Triangle

Bizarre Love Triangle is one of my all-time favorite songs and the reason why I fell in love with New Order. If I had a dollar for every mix tape I started with Bizarre Love Triangle, I’d be vacationing in St. Bart’s right now. It’s a great song to listen to, a great song to dance to, and it has lyrics that grab ahold of you with all the beauty, turmoil, and confusion of young love. (Did I mention I really love this song?)



New Order’s fourth album, Brotherhood

Released in 1986, Bizarre Love Triangle was a single from New Order’s fourth album, Brotherhood. It reached No. 56 on the UK Singles chart and No. 4 on the US Dance Club Songs chart. In 1995, a new mix of the song, included on The Best of New Order album, cracked the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 98.

The 7″ was released in the U.K. in a picture sleeve and with a shorter mix of the song, entitled Bizarre Dub Triangle, as the B side. In the U.S., the 7″ included Every Little Counts as the B side; to my knowledge, U.S. releases did not include a picture sleeve.

Given how much I love this song, it was a must-have for my record collection. I collect a lot of 45s from the 80s and I have to say, you don’t have the same “thrill of the hunt” as you do collecting other types of vinyl or vinyl from other decades. Many 45s from the 80s are relatively inexpensive and relatively easy to come by. But this song proved to be a tougher find. (12″ versions of BLT are much easier to find on vinyl.)

The hunt finally paid off, though; I eventually found an excellent U.S. promo copy on ebay for $13. The promo copy has a  double-A side. If you ever come across a 7″ of this song, snatch it up!

blt picture sleeve

Picture sleeve of the U.K. 7″ release of Bizarre Love Triangle


3 thoughts on “45 RPMs: New Order Bizarre Love Triangle

  1. This brings back so many great memories. Brotherhood is one of my all time favourite albums (currently reminding myself just how good the album was via YouTube). I was working in a record shop back then and this got played loud and often! Bizarre Love Triangle was the ‘stand out’ track, but the rest of the album was pretty awesome.

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