On the Road: Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth Tour, 1989

Debbie_gibson_electric_youthDebbie Gibson‘s Electric Youth Tour was one of my first concerts and the first one I went to unchaperoned. My best friend and I, 16 at the time, got tickets for the Philadelphia stop slated for August 1, 1989 and waited anxiously all summer for the date to arrive. We were huge fans of Debbie’s since Out of the Blue – we listened to her albums (on cassette, of course), had Electric Youth perfume on our dressers, and would have worn hats just like Debbie if we had any prayer of pulling it off.

Debbie embarked on the Electric Youth tour in 1989 to promote her second album of the same name. The album produced four singles, including the No. 1 hit Lost in Your Eyes.

On the night of the concert, I remember Philly’s Spectrum being packed with teenage girls, a lot of mothers, and a few very smart teenage boys. Judson Spence was the opening act (I had to Google him and found out he had a Top 40 hit in 1988 called Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, although I don’t remember it). Debbie was a huge ball of energy as she performed a greatest hits collection from her two albums, including Only in My Dreams, Lost in Your Eyes, Shake Your Love, Foolish Beat, Out of the Blue, No More Rhyme, and, of course, Electric Youth. (Damn, the girl had a lot of hits!)debbie gibson tour

It was a fun night for two best friends – one we still reminisce about today. We still can’t pull off wearing hats, though.


2 thoughts on “On the Road: Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth Tour, 1989

  1. Hi there! I was just poking around on-line and found this post. I’m looking at my stub for that 8/1/89 Debbie show at the Spectrum (along with the wristband for a Bangles show at Dorney Park just a few days earlier). I was one of those few teenage boys (I was 15) who was at the show and also very vaguely remember Judson Spence. That was definitely the peak of my Debbie interest… I have no recollection of anything she ever did after Electric Youth!


  2. That’s great that you found my post and were at the same show! And that you still have the stub … I lost mine at some point. That was the peak of my Debbie interest, too, but I always remember that concert being a fun night!


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