80s Song of the Day: Little Red Corvette by Prince


Little Red Corvette by Prince was released on February 9, 1983, with All the Critics Love U in New York as the B side. It was a single from Prince’s fifth studio album 1999.

The song was Prince’s first hit to crack the Top 10, reaching No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was also his first single to chart higher on the Billboard Hot 100 than on the Hot R&B Singles chart, where it reached No. 13. In the United Kingdom, Little Red Corvette peaked at No. 2 on the UK Singles chart in 1985, when it was released as a double-A side with the single 1999.

According to songfacts.com, “Prince got the idea for this song when he dozed off in backup singer Lisa Coleman’s 1964 Mercury Montclair Marauder after an exhausting all-night recording session.”


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